>Still Tired. Sleepy. Travelling. Busy…




We interrupt this lap dance for an important news bulletin. Lo has been spotted heading towards CA and will resume her place upon the throne as “Queen Bee of the this Blogs.”

We now return to the strip tease in progress.

**Remember to keep all hands and sharp objects away from the performers**

Posted by dc_speaks (subbing for Lo)

11 thoughts on “>Still Tired. Sleepy. Travelling. Busy…

  1. >First, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you gracing me with your presence. Second, I'm glad you did. I looked at a lot of what you have to say and found it refreshingly different. There's a lot of blah blah blah out there, but I like your perspective. I'll come often.


  2. >There shall be a celebration of honey to welcome home the Queen."Let them eat, Honey!"No fried chicken.The honeycomb is too confined and it is definitely not flame retardant. LOL!!


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