The Art Of The MetaSnitch: Snitching On Snitches.

Hey, boys and girls, here’s a great way to keep those pesky upstanding citizens (or reformed “crum’nals“) from ratting you out to The Man.

That’s right, you can know let everybody know who’s out there snitching by snitching on them!!! At the website Who’s A Rat (new informant profiles added daily!!!), you can find out if that stoolie who sent your boy up the river was someone you know (or not), and you can warn others about that stoolie’s inclination to, er, stool.

Whatever the case, you can find said rats and, um, proceed accordingly. They’ve even got a message board with lovely little tidbits like this:

Isn’t that cute? Simply adorable!!! Funny thing, though…all this snitching on snitches has the Feds concerned:

[…] Federal prosecutors are furious, and the Justice Department has begun urging the federal courts to make fundamental changes in public access to electronic court files by removing all plea agreements from them — whether involving cooperating witnesses or not.

” We are witnessing the rise of a new cottage industry engaged in republishing court filings about cooperators on Web sites such as for the clear purpose of witness intimidation, retaliation and harassment,” a Justice Department official wrote in a December letter to the Judicial Conference of the United States, the administrative and policy-making body of the federal court system.

” The posting of sensitive witness information,” the letter continued, ” poses a grave risk of harm to cooperating witnesses and defendants.”

In one case described in the letter, a witness in Philadelphia was moved and the F.B.I. was asked to investigate after material from was mailed to his neighbors and posted on utility poles and cars in the area.

The federal court in Miami has provisionally adopted the department’s recommendation to remove plea agreements from electronic files, and other courts are considering it and experimenting with alternative approaches.

It gets even better, kiddies…

For those who want to read the details on cooperating witnesses, charges between $7.99 for a week and $89.99 for life. The latter option comes with a free “Stop Snitching” T-shirt.

Hey yo, that t-shirt’s hot. I’m running out to tell on some folks who told on some folks right now!!!*

*You know you know some snitches. Stop acting like you don’t.

AOL News: Web Sites Listing Informants Concern Feds
Who’s A

12 thoughts on “The Art Of The MetaSnitch: Snitching On Snitches.

  1. >speaking of snitches…last night, i peep'd method man angry youtube response to wendy williams' leak about meth's wife secret battle with about some scary revenge-type shit. wendy watch yo' back!!!!….and keep yo' mouf shut! (;-x


  2. >i guess i'm going devil's and say I don't know if I like this site and I would be afeared for my life if someone was to get upset with me and decided to post my name on there.Or what about the bully who was bothering my 10 year old son and my son's tells on him and his name gets on the list. I think life is a matter of doing the right thing and knowing that you are living right. If I see an injustice to someone I'm going to tell and if that makes me wrong on earth then at least when I stand in front of God I can say I did alright because I'm more afraid of what he will do to me. Now perhaps I'm taking the subject too serious but injustice is injustice and I will do whatever I can as an upstanding American citizen that loves everything about this country from bad to good to do what I can. Snitches aren't a bad thing, I tell my children and you ain't out to make friends, you out in the world to do what's right.


  3. >if y'all ain't seen "THE DEPARTED" yet…stop what'cha doin'!fugg american idol (it's all rigged, anyway)…and watch THIS MOVIE!!!!one of scorese's best and with an all-star cast. NICHOLSON, DI CAPRIO, DAMON, WAHLBERG even ANTHONY ANDERSON does his thing.


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