The Lo Zone: Changing The Way You Pop Shit On The Daily.

That’s right, we here at The Lo Zone are committed to impacting the national (and international) lexicon of progressive conversation. So much so that a post we did earlier this month called What’s The Opposite Of Mr. Right? resulted in the good folks at one of my favorite and oft-referenced websites, Urban, reaching out to me us that very same day and asking if I we would be interested in submitting to their website a phrase they had never seen used before (that’s because I…me! me! me!…happened to coin it in that very moment). Here’s the particular phrase they were referring to from the post:

[click image to enlarge]

So, being the obliging folks that we are here at The Zone, we (don’t you just love the royal ‘we’?) submitted the term per their request. After a short waiting period during which their editors either approve or reject the submission, we were APPROVED!!! We are now a part of the continued degradation of the national lexicon!!! To wit:

[click image to go to the definition]

We’re just bursting with pride. Makes us want to start a new slogan or something:

The Lo Zone: proudly fuggin’ up the way you speak!!!”

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Urban relationship felon

10 thoughts on “The Lo Zone: Changing The Way You Pop Shit On The Daily.

  1. >hey "babycakes" (me, me, me…i coined that one too!!!!!)….waaaaay before ludacris in waterfalls!!!! congrats lo!!!!it's now official!!!!the gub'ment IS now surfin' da lo zone! (;-P <=== fugg dem bitches!


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