How To Make A Nazi.

People always wonder how Adolf Hitler was able to convince an entire nation of people to sign on to and participate in the heinous acts of World War II.

But he was. A whole nation of people, much to their latter shame, actively played a role in the wholesale destruction of another group of people based on the most inhumane of reasons.

This is what happens when people buy into the party line 100% without questioning authority. Those same people, when faced with facts that refute the what they’ve been told and the questionable morality (or downright immorality) of their leaders, will often become rabid and fanatical in their leader’s defense—a condition very much akin to Stockholm Syndrome, where the kidnapped and persecuted begin to empathize with their captors.

Witness you then this classic example of what it looks like when someone completely buys into a fucked up highly-questionable party line. Truth be told, you can see this charade five days a week, Monday through Friday mornings on The View, but yesterday it got reaaaaaaaaaaaaally interesting. Rosie O’Donnell has dared to speak out against the current administration, and, as a result, has come under repeated fire by the administration’s advance guard, the fanatically-scary, truth-challenged folks at Fox News. Watch the administration’s second advance guard (guess that wouldn’t make her advanced, would it?)—resident foolywang, Nazi-in-training Elisabeth Hasselbeck—go batshit in a discussion that wasn’t even directed at her from jump. It’s really something to behold.

Rosie was smart enough to be fairly chill as she chin-checked ol’ girl during their exchange, which made Elisabeth look like even more of a straight-up idiot in her fanatical ravings. I’m gonna miss Rosie. She made this show worth watching again.

Meanwhile, why is Elisabeth still on the air? The View

12 thoughts on “How To Make A Nazi.

  1. >I've actually used the same argument Rosie used, that this administration has become humanity's most prolific terrorist, to a silenced crowd of Republicans. The "We've killed 600,000 innocent Iraqis. Osama killed 3000 Americans. Iraq never attacked America…who's the biggest terrorist? Class?" We've seen this twisting of words before, however, when Bill Maher got his ass canned from ABC for telling the truth.I've become more ashamed of my country than I ever thought possible. And now that the Dems seemed to have pulled the pullout date from their new spending bill, I don't even know where to turn any more.Oh, and for Bush to bring up Osama bin Laden's planning of Iraq attackes – why is no one in the White House press corps asking that dumbass why Osama is still alive in the first place? What is happening to our country?


  2. >I couldn't agree more with you on that, Matt. I love the freedoms that we hold dear, but the cost does seem a little high to pay these days.Great post, Lo.


  3. >Okay, I've tried to watch the clip three times now, but I keep getting interrupted by needy men and children….I feel you, Matt, but on a totally unrelated note–what's the deal with Elizabeth's dress? I mean, isn't that a little much for daytime television? I'm just sayin'…


  4. >LOL. I saw that yesterday while at home. I may not agree with everything Rosie does, I do agree about most of what she goes off at Elizabeth about. Mz. Lizzie is a trip when she says she is a Christian in one breath then defends killing in another. SMH.I thougth Mz. R was going to clock her then she caught herself. LOL. I was like Dang!


  5. >Never been a fan of the view & even turned down a chance to be part of their studio audience once, but I actually appreciate STUPID AZZZes like the blondie – who I agree w/ GG should have worn something more appropriate. But, I appreciate her arrogance because I like to know the BS I'm dealing with UPFRONT. That's the ONE thing I do HATE about NYC – most of the crakkkahs here hide behind "it's all about the bottom line" when they know DAYUM well they can't stand yo' azz no matter how much money u help them pull in. BE WHO u R, so that I will know where U really stand.I also agree w/ the chick in the yellow shirt – when is Bush going to be IMPEACHED? Never b'cuz his family OWNS this country & has a down payment on all others! But, my people are survivors – we've lived through the HellaCaust, Slavery, Trail of Tears, so we can SURELY make it through the Terror Years of Bush & crew. yea, the mccartney era is back….great post – let's just hope we don't all get "black listed" because of it…


  6. >@Cap: Gurl, so true on showing your real selves. I live near a city known for their racism, they let another race come to their town and take over just so us blacks who not. SMH.My daughter went with a friend's fam to the city's local park and was amazed at how racist this one white parent acted like his child could not play with blacks. It was obvious and so subtle. SMH.


  7. >i don't watch that show, so i had to catch the exchange on the news programs. frankly, i'm not jumping on rosie's bandwagon either. sure, she got it right about america's role in the war on iraq. meanwhile, many if not most americans are aware of this. i ain't giving that chick props for telling the truth cuz that's what she supposed to be doing.i have a problem with exchanges like the one on 'the view' cuz it never accomplishes shit. the entire time, they were yelling at each other and nothing significant was gained from it, other than for folk to be hurt. and they're more alike than different. they have opposing views that aren't necessarily popular in certain circles, yet they maintain those views regardless.


  8. >How to make a nazi.. how befitting to my day is this title seeing the gestapos ( child support) took away my driver's license even after I adhered to the instructions of the judge and brought in the amount on time. But that's a whole nother story . Oh Rosie handled that broad in a classy clever manner loved her for that . The mind of a quick witted comic should never be underestimated. Big Shout out to my girl Sherri Shephard for being on the show and bringing light with her wit when the conversation got dark… great post Lo


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