Every Dog Owner’s Nightmare.

I saw this commercial yesterday and fell out. Anyone who’s ever owned a dog has seen their pet do this and was either amused or horrified, depending on your age at the time. When I was a kid, it was funny. When I grew up, wasn’t nothing funny about it. Still, it’s hilarious to watch. Happy Friday!!!

16 thoughts on “Every Dog Owner’s Nightmare.

  1. >that's one for the super bowl commericals!!!! but then again, they'll be plenty of messes to clean up with kids at home during the summertime….lolhey, imagine your dawgies having a race across your carpet. impressive, ain't it?….lol


  2. >I didn't even have to watch it to know which commercial this was. I saw this and lost it. Could only imagine what my reaction would be if my dog (if I had one) ever did this.Happy Friday to you as well.


  3. >hahahahaha…that dog's butt must have really been itchin.hmmm come to think of it, I may have been sleepin on the new dance move..forget the moonwalkor the electric slide…let's do the "Dog Buttslide"…hahahahahahaah


  4. >N-A-S-T-Y!!! LOL Thanks for that good laugh on a Friday and thanks for stopping by! Now, if I can only break away from this computer and take my nap!Have a great weekend!


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