Because Sometimes You Need To Be High To Appreciate A Discount.

A Long Island mother was arrested at a Wal-Mart after she was spotted snorting heroin as she pushed her 3-year-old son in a shopping cart, police said yesterday.

Stacy Roe, 35, allegedly inhaled the powdered drug through a straw near the garden center of the Centereach store, police said.

Guards saw her on a surveillance camera and called cops.

Heck, shopping in WalMart can be pretty overwhelming for anybody (who can resist that 40lb bag of animal crackers on sale for 99 cents, even though that’s not what you came there for)—but enough to make you do some smack?

Damn. Perhaps WalMart needs to rethink their slogan.

NY Daily News: Mom nabbed in drug snort at Wal-Mart

2 thoughts on “Because Sometimes You Need To Be High To Appreciate A Discount.

  1. >now this was not funny. If it wasn't so pathetic, I'd have to ask her if she picked up the smack from the pharmacy at deep discount prices?That kind of behavior clearly demonstrates that she really didn't give a damn. Not abot the child, the law, on-lookers or anything else.SHe was all the way gone….ziggity boo.


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