Shoebooties!!! (*REPOST*)


This is an old picture from September during Fashion Week in New York of a little dog jumping bad at some goats at a Saks Fifth Avenue portable petting zoo. Saks was promoting their cashmere collection with live goats. That was some pretty twisted shit. Apparently this little dog thought so, too. I just loved this pic the first time I saw it. One, because the dog was fearless (“fuck you, goats!!”). Two, and most importantly…

The ShoeBooties!!! Saks Shills Cashmere With Portable Petting Zoo
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14 thoughts on “Shoebooties!!! (*REPOST*)

  1. >I say let the dog go and let him go "heads up" with the goats.fight fight fight fight…ooops thats insitgating—let me stophahaha..I guess I can't say no pun intended cause in this case it is quite literal.hahahaha


  2. >been tempted to get indigo some booties to match her little femme dominatrix look (she has a black leather collar with a pink heart tag, and a black and pink lead). but the minute i pick up a pair, i have to remember she is a) a DOG and b) a tomboy! those boots would be ripped off and tossed in the woods somewhere.ahhhhh, indigo.hello all…. =D


  3. >Hey Denea!Girl, that must be a Shiba (and Akita) thing, because my poopers would never go for shoebooties, either. They'd be tearing them off as I was putting them on. Lola might wear them for a minute out of curiousity, but then they'd be toast. Brookie would rock just one, just to be different.We need to have a Shiba meet-and-greet someday, especially since Indigo and my Milo look so much alike!


  4. >I have to put shoe boots on my French Mastiff here in NYC in the winters due to the salt, but she HATES them – until she hits a salty patch = OUCH!Help me out – does the cashmere come from the goats' coat, so they get shorn like sheep, or do they actually have to be sliced like cattle for leather? If it's the latter, that IS some SICK shit!


  5. >Anonymous,Yikes! Your question actually made me Google how they get cashmere from goats, and I was soooooooooo hoping it wasn't the latter cow/leather method you mentioned.Turns out they are shorn, like sheep, and even sometimes combed so that the finest hairs can be obtained. Whew!!!Denea, it'd be great to have our dawgies meet, but it depends on when you guys move back to L.A. I'm going to be making a move east verrrrrrry soon, so here's hoping we intersect before that happens!


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