A Literary Star Is Born.

My honey and I would like emphatically CONGRATULATE and show SUPER-DUPER LOVE to our dear, dear friend, cheerleader, and partner-in-m*therf*ckin-crime…an extraordinarily-talented Poetess for the New Millennium

We both love her individually and collectively, having cultivated our own independent relationships with her long before we ever came together, and we are so very proud to see her debut literary effort, a wonderful, wonderful book of poetry entitled…

lavish lines/luscious lies

Check out the awesome cover…

Please, please, please…do yourself a favor and get her book posthaste!!! You can order it online now at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com. You can also check out an excellent sampling of our girl’s extraordinary talents at her blogs, Neurotica and Nonsense and Adventures In Drinking.

Again, we love, love, love, love, LOVE this woman to pieces and want everyone to know just how much she shines when it comes to the word. Just look at her…


…if that’s not a bada$$, we don’t know what is. So, in honor of our girl, we hereby celebrate her with a perfect popular tune we have officially redubbed…

Saadia’s Song
[click the above link to listen]

Amazon.com: lavish lines/luscious lies
Barnes and Noble.com: lavish lines/luscious lies
Adventures In Drinking
Neurotica and Nonsense

9 thoughts on “A Literary Star Is Born.

  1. >heyyyyyyyyy, MF!!! You deserve all the praise and love. Have a fantastic time in NYC. Wish we were there with ya, but since we aren't…I hope you can feel the love from where we are right now..Have fun and sell those books, MF!!xoxoxo


  2. >mj!!! thanks for poking your head in from the 5th dimension. i thought i sensed you walking around in the ether.i miss u, my friend. we have lotttttttttttttts to catch up on!!!111


  3. >I see yo mj…Yaaayyyy Saadia!!!!! Im so happy for you…Whats next??? the jigga man is going to put some beats behind the words and Mary J is going to sing them…ask and it shall be done…


  4. >Congrats Saadia! I have read your poetry and I think your pen is definately on fire!Loving the cover too. Cherish the feeling it's such an accomplishment, I remember how I felt when I published my first book. =) Enjoy the ride!


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