>See Dick Cook. (*REPOST*)

>Seeing as how last Monday officially started off the summer season, I figured we should start this Monday with another barbecue, just to keep the summer moving full steam. Enjoy this repost.

Oh…and don’t burn your hands trying to grab that meat!!!

16 thoughts on “>See Dick Cook. (*REPOST*)

  1. >hahahahaha…think I have to agree with you Gizzle. Is this the visual Public Service Announcment, Lo? Damn…you sure got my attention.You will be the one grillin at the house then, Lo.


  2. >Honey, you're the grillmaster in the family, and I wouldn't dare want to usurp your territory. Just be careful what you put on that grill.I'm just sayin'.


  3. >LMAO.. OMG that right there.. made me NOT want to eat anymore bbq!!! LOL *sticking to my strict diet for the next 3 weeks* damn LoLMAO


  4. >Hey, you gotta have hot sauce to make dicknballs taste good!This one's on the table at every meal in the hobi house, along with Kim Chee – (shoulda seen Benjamin (9) and Jasmin (7) stuffin the Kim Chee last night!) It's a California thang – try some! Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chile Sauce


  5. >@Bklyn Diva: That pic either makes you suddenly want bbq or never want it again.@Shelia: This might qualify more as a "wurst" of some sort rather than a hot dog, but they're all great when they come with warm buns!!!@UnknownDiva ROFL!!! I didn't think it was seasoned well enough, either. All the seasonings are kind of clumped in one area. It definitely should have been massaged in more thoroughly.@Sheletha: grilled dick is how you know summer's here. It's a celebration!!!


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