Guess Who’s In Heat Again? (*REPOST* of "Eyes On The Prize")

I figured I’d do a repost from last year since: a) I’m feeling waaaaay under the weather, and b) on top of all this, my gigantic Akita, Toshi, just went into heat again. (I know I swore that last year would be the last time, but somehow the time got away from me and I forgot she’d go into heat again. Doh!) My boy dog, a Shiba Inu named Milo, has once again gone bazonkers. This is madness. Enjoy!!!


My youngest dog, Toshi, an Akita Inu

…just recently finished being in heat for the very first time (and very last, I might add). It lasted about 28 days. Practically a whole month.

During that time, my only boy dog, Milo, a Shiba Inu

…lost his rabbit-ass mind.

He spent all 28 of those days with his face never any more than six inches away from Toshi’s swollen peeper.

He stared at it.

He fell asleep while staring at it.

It was the golden goose, the end of the rainbow, the be-all and end-all of his tunnel-visioned existence.

It was hell.

I learned two things during this nightmare of a month: 1) I never want to experience it again, and 2) My sweet, sweet, sweet boy of a dog…

…is a rapist.

Oh, the shame of it all.

13 thoughts on “Guess Who’s In Heat Again? (*REPOST* of "Eyes On The Prize")

  1. >enter into the terrordome…Cort Gizzles(kennel). That had to be the funniest thing I have ever seen on a blog post. Only you could have delivered it in its eloquence to get such a laugh out of me, Lo.Too darn funny!


  2. >okay that was the hardest I have ever laughed reading your blog and that is saying alot. OMG the pictures of him looking so desperate for the cooch is hilarious…Of course it isn't funny when my bitch goes into heat but, I am still rolling the fukk out that was funny. thank you LO!


  3. >@Denea: Girl, your laughter says it all.@Greeneyedrican: Thanks! I always try to elicit a good laugh if I can, but in this case, Milo makes it so easy. The way he stares all long-eyed at her peeper…well, it's not hard to understand why men are sometimes called "dogs."(I'm just making a gross generalization, fellas…no need to attack.)


  4. >That's the second time you've given me *crickets*, hon. Once last week on your blog and now. Both times was when I said something "bad." LOL.Do I see a pattern developing? Why don't you just spank me and get it over with?


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