Jew You Know What She’s Doing…

Then again, maybe jew you don’t.

That’s right. It’s me, your girl Lo Filestein. Sheeee’s finishing up a novel and is down to the final stretch. She’ll be back in The Zone shortly, but in the meantime, here’s my skanktastic sistah, The HoZonious One, to help keep it live. Keep checking back for updates!!!

What the fizz, HoZone’s in a Jigga kinda mood, so she’s throwing in a two-fer. Get ya Hov on!!!

Eh, let’s keep it going. We’ve been rocking this song a lot, plus it’s got mo’ Jigga, which is always a bonus. This version is cool, because it’s lyrics-based. Get your ella, ella, ella on!!!

One mo’ ‘gin with Rihanna. The remix, “Umbrella/Cinderella,” featuring even mo’ Jigga (!!!) and Chris Brown on vocals. Ey, ey, ey!!!

7 thoughts on “Jew You Know What She’s Doing…

  1. >lol…what kind of dance does the character do? She looks pretty hot! Is there pole dancing in her act or does she just slide across the floor?hahahahahaha


  2. >I just stopped by to read my favorite blog by my favorite author and hear that she's finishing up a new novel? Joyjoyjoyjoy!No pressure but—–are Misty and Reesy coming back soon? You left us hanging big time in TASTE LIKE CHICKEN. Rick was doing crazy ish and Tyrene was straight buckwilin. I NEED to know what happened next. If you say the book you're finishing up is the sequel I'll kiss my computer screen.


  3. >@Tiny Dancer: lol@kiss my computer…now that is truly love for some characters. I know the cliffhanger feeling. I'm sure you'll be happy with the novel(s) currently under construction.They are excellent, excellent pieces of literary works!!


  4. >OMG, more Misty and Reesy? F*ck yeah! Sorry for the f-word, Miss Lo. My book club has been waiting two years for the follow up to Tastes Like Chicken. You just made a whole bunch of ladies really happy, especially me!YOUR #1 FAN,Barb Allen


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