Killing The Language, Two-By-Two.

Congrats to my fellow blogger and counterpart, D.C., over at the always-engaging and popular site, I Am Inspired, for his recent entry into one of the most referenced sites on the internet—the wickedly-fun Urban, which also recently approached me regarding a phrase I used in a blog post and suggested I submit it to their arsenal. I did, and it was accepted, to wit:

[click image to go to the definition]

During a conversation we were having a few weeks ago, Damon D.C. happened to jokingly say a couple of words, then kept repeating them, ultimately combining them into one. As a person madly in love with the English language (and Latin), I get a little more excited than most over words. After a quick check at Urban Dictionary, we noted it wasn’t in there. He submitted it, the editors at the site apparently agreed, and now, we are proud to introduce to you…


[click image to go to the definition]

So here’s a big bubble for D.C.

…for popping mad shit and making it count (which is the only way to do it, if you’re gonna pop shit).

Should any of you submit a word to Urban and are approved by the editors there (it may take a bit, so be patient), feel free to share and The Lo Zone will shout you out.

Let’s join hands and fug the language up together!!! It’s going down anyway…may as well make it a fun, family effort!!!

Urban tundreds
Urban relationship felon
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9 thoughts on “Killing The Language, Two-By-Two.

  1. >hahahahahaha…we shall create a whole language using the urban dictionary and you and I get to be Adam and Eve of the blogosphere.hahahahahah…one word at a time!


  2. >I think the blogosphere was here before we showed up, so it might be a little too late to claim that Adam and Eve thing.But I'm all for fuggin' the language up together!


  3. >ROTFLMAO.. i'm still dying at relationship felon!!! hahahaaabut tundreds.. oh wow.. I'm gone have to incorporate that in my daily language use!!!hmm i wonder what else is in that urban dictionary!


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