Ten Things Most People Don’t Discover Until It’s Too Late (Part I).

1. Pa ain’t Pa.

2. Poison Ivy isn’t as harmless as it looks.

3. He/she’s not that great in bed.

4. Teeth don’t last forever.

5. Suspected criminal activity is all that’s needed to unmask the origin of hidden IP’s.

6. You married the wrong person and now you’re stuck.

7. Everybody can’t eat shellfish.

8. That wasn’t a benign pimple on dude’s peen.

9. The police arrive without warning.

and lastly…


10. You wasted half the day blogging and doing dumb shit.


16 thoughts on “Ten Things Most People Don’t Discover Until It’s Too Late (Part I).

  1. >lol…I should have expected to laugh so that I wouldn't have just spit coffee on my monitor from reading this damn post…you are too much.great post though, I loveded it!


  2. >LOL at the fuzz sneaking up with guns pointed, Will Smith's face, and stupid people who try to hide on the internet.About to head to Prospect Park, but I just wanted to say I LOVE THE LO ZONE! Mz Files you are my favorite author.Happy Friday back to you!


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