Somebody Please…Make Me Understand (Part 1). (*REPOST*)

Still working, so I figured I’d pull up a post from the past that I never really got clear answers to. Maybe you guys can help me this go ’round.

Happy Monday!!! Don’t eat the steak…


This is a post that I plan on featuring from time-to-time, whereupon I’ll pose a question regarding those things in life that I just don’t get. Perhaps one of you will have an answer for me. Maybe there’s more than one answer. I’m a germophobe so all this just boggles my mind. Maybe you can just make me understand.

And now for my first question. We’ll file this under…“A$$, with a side of lobster”:

[click image to enlarge]

“Why do men eat in strip clubs?”

Is the food really that good? Does seeing exposed flesh make you hungry? Aren’t you afraid something might jump off that naked chick onto your plate? Are you sure that steak is really au jus or are those drippings from somewhere else?

So many questions…

Okay, I’ll leave it to you to help me wrap my brain around this. Please share. I’m just looking for answers to the mysteries of life.

14 thoughts on “Somebody Please…Make Me Understand (Part 1). (*REPOST*)

  1. >hahahahaha…who eats in a real strip joint? in my encounters with the adult entertainment field, unless of course someone(s) just wanted to come in during a noon time meeting or a just after work (bring your clients) function, eating was not part of the equation. As difficult as it sounds to believe though, I do know some dudes that go strictly to be in the complany of beautiful women. Perhaps that is a fantasy for a cat to be in the presence of beautiful women fawning over him as he dined on an extremely overpriced meal? An ego trip? who knows? I don't…but I'm giving some suggestions.Great question…I hope that I helped ya out a lil.


  2. >Hahaha. smh. Hot wings and hot tits on a plater, isn't that the ultimate with alot of men. LOL.Some biz deals are made in those "gentleman's" clubs.


  3. >I had chicken wings in a strip club before. I didn't eat them because I was hungry, I ate them because they were there. One of my buddies ordered a basket so I figured what the hell?


  4. >"Men eat in strip clubs because they know their wives won't feed them if they find out they've just come home from a strip club." @Carla: that was probably the most profound statement that I have ever heard. LOL hahahahahahwow


  5. >Heck, I never thought about this. Now all I can think is how nasty can you get with all that booty poppin'? Then they want to come home and kiss all over you. This is all kinds of wrong.


  6. >the real question is, why do people eat at restaurants period. seriously, do you know what goes on back there? heck, i've been known to drop a carrot or two on the floor at my own house and NOOOO i didn't throw it away! toss the salad i did :)haha…..p.s.ditto what carla said! 🙂


  7. >wow i didnt know they served meals, (special sauce on your steak sir) noooo thanx…what clubs have you guys been to but then again you are in Cali i know everythings poppin there literally smile


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