My Guess Is, At This Point… (*REPOST*)

I’ve been listening to some old Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson while writing, and decided to pull up this post from early last year and repost it while I’m trying to finish the manuscript I’m working on. We should all tip our forties to MJ, version 1.0. He might not have liked himself then, but he sure was much easier on the eyes.

Look at all those African noses, pre-surgery. I love a black man’s unretouched face.

Enjoy the repost below!


My guess is, at this point…

…he’s totally unreachable. Way off the Richter of anything remotely close to sane. So let’s have a moment of silence remembering him the way he used to be:

It was nice knowing you, Brown Michael.

The creature that stole your body…

…ran your shit into the ground.

USA Today: Jackson spotted wearing black robe at mall in Bahrain

16 thoughts on “My Guess Is, At This Point… (*REPOST*)

  1. >it wasnt just his nose he changed…he changed every damn thing to look like (that)…I hope that was a mistake when he gave the instructions to the plastic surgeons.maybe he said nose reconstruction so soft that they thought he meant total reconstruction. lol…who "nose" dump bump *cool play on words*


  2. >My Mom and I were just talking about this the other day!!!I mean, what in the world happened to him? He was so cool!!! Now he's just a freak. I would be frightened if I ever saw him in real life.


  3. >What is that thing at the bottom? Is that Michael Jackson? It looks like a fugged up claymation figure. He's the poster child for racial self hatred.GinaAlexandria, VA


  4. >Ok, Mike has been gyped or he wanted to look that way.I have to say Joe Jackson is partially to blame. In interviews, you can tell he is touched in the head and Katherine just stomachs it.Mike and Latoya look the worst followed by Jermaine and Tito. LOL.Janet and Rebbie look the best. I used to have a crush on Mike pre-nose job. LOL. smh.Prince in his heels is looking better to me. LOL.


  5. >It's only a few minutes away from June 20 out here in Beijing, but I'm still checkin' me some Lo Zone while watching how the U.S. Markets are opening….Yes, Triumph was an incredible album… I play it for the kids all the time along with Off The Wall. Can You Feel It, Lovely One, Time Waits for No One, Walk Right Now, and my favorite, Heartbreak Hotel… I could play that sh__t all night!Hey, the boy's crazy…. too bad. Who knows what done it… family history? Latent issues? Ya, it's just too damn bad.P.S. All the instructions on the Blogger comments page are in Chinese characters! Good thing I know how to sign in!


  6. >Lawd have mercy…where did the old Michael go? I sure do miss him!Remember his "off the Wall" album? That was MIke at his best! Ahhhh…the good ole days!


  7. >GOOD GOOGLY MOOGLY!Somebody sho'nuf did a number on this boy's head to make him f#ck himself up like that. People hug your children. Don't criticize them so much. Look what can happen.


  8. >extra comment. why in the world was he holding stuffed animals in the first picture? WTF??!! He was a grown man and posing with stuffed animals was but a taste of what the future held in store. We should have seen it coming a long time ago.*raising a lighter up for young MJ*


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