Something New.

Regulars around here know music is my first love, so I’m always open to hearing something new. I read about this cat

…earlier this week on one of my favorite urban websites, His name is Kevin Michael and he’s being compared to the usual suspects (early Prince, early Michael Jackson, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah.) You know how they do when they label someone new as sounding like someone(s) familiar so we’ll be inclined to give a listen. I know one thing for certain: dude’s got some big ass hair.

I like this particular tune, which features Lupe Fiasco:

Here’s the video for his song, Vicki’s Secrets.

What do you guys think?

Kevin Michael’s Official Website
Kevin Michael on MySpace
Kevin Michael Music Channel on Artist Spotlight: Kevin Michael

11 thoughts on “Something New.

  1. >Thanks for hipping me to something new. I'm digging his li'l funky sound. I did have flashbacks to Prince. I just remember staring at that Prince For You cover for HOURS! I wish this young brother that kind of consistent success! Ced is going to LOVE this post!


  2. >I like this. Something about that first song reminds me of song "Everyday People" by Arrested Development. Maybe it's because they both have a southern twang kind of feel.


  3. >Hey Lo, love the blog. Do you know how loved you are in New York?! I was at a conference last week and your name kept coming up as an example of one of the best writers out there today who could do literary just as well as commercial. I was so proud. :-)This guy is groovy!Rachel Minn


  4. >Thanks Lo – you did it again! I had never heard of carrine bailey rae before your blog long before she had her current recognition…This picture is too weird – i had a total Prince, the silvers, and 70's flashback!big thanks for passing on GOOD MUSIC AS USUAL!!!LB


  5. >music is your first love? reallY? noooooooo…you're kidding.I see that you are doing the thug thizzle sharing talent with the world wide web. You do artists everywhere a grat service.yayyyyy for Lo's Promotional blog. smile!


  6. >I am diggin this! It's so hard to find something new & GOOD! When you do find an artist who tries to step outside of the box, it usually sounds like a bunch of garbly-gook!Good ear, Lo!


  7. >Cute song. Does remind me of Prince, however. Corrine Bailey Rae is my favorite new artist. The silky, sultry voice and my God, she's gorgeous.


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