A Really Great Way To Hear Someone Say "I Love You"…

…if you’re mutually feeling the person. Because if you’re not feeling the person and he’s your best friend (and you want to keep it that way), then this is a really fucked up way to hear someone say “I love you.” Extra fail points if you’re gay and your in-love best friend of the opposite sex doesn’t give a fuck.

Herewith, a scene from one of my favorite movies about love gone awry, Chasing Amy (yes, that’s Ben Affleck). Happy Friday!!!*

*…and yes, I’m still trying to finish up that manuscript I’m working on. This is just another diversionary tactic.

Oh yeah, one more thing (and this is important)…Mr. Popularity’s birthday is Monday!!!

25 thoughts on “A Really Great Way To Hear Someone Say "I Love You"…

  1. >Heyyyyyy, this was the coolest movie when I first saw it years ago. You made me want to rent it again. I think I'm going to get it for this weekend.Happy Birthday D.C. I don't know you man, but if you're cool with Lo you must be cool.


  2. >heyyyyyyyy…that was sweet! thank you, thank you, thank you, Lo! xoxoxoxoxthanks, Kendra and soul from the east. I appreciate the well wishes.I didn't know this was up til 12:30pm est today. she's a crafty one that lolita–she is. smile!!


  3. >the clip was funny to me. Holden should have stopped talking long before he did. He was emotionally vomitting all over her without giving her an opportunity to speak.that is rule number one of how to avoid" when keeping it real goes horribly wrong" LOL!!


  4. >Oh, and happy birthday DC!!I would send you a copy of "Strap On Valley Bitches 2" for your birthday, but – you've probably already seen it.


  5. >Heyyyyyy, Matt. I may have seen it, but I need to check the archives tucked and stashed away(for safe keeping of course). Feel free to share. LOL.Thanks again, Matt. I appreciate it.


  6. >Have a Happy B'day, DC. I'll be traveling that day. Not that u'll miss my "prompt" greetings, i'm sure Lo will whip u up some treat to make u forget ALL the rest of us. LOL! Enjoy!


  7. >Hey Lo…I've never seen this movie before (and that's odd for me cause I'm a movie junkie). Video store here I come.DC…Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday to you…Happy biiiirthday…Oh never mind…I'll call you & sang it to you!LOL


  8. >Kiki, you have to check out "Chasing Amy." It's a cult classic and is very funny and entertaining. For those who've seen it, I have just one word: "fingercuffs."Thanks for showing my guy so much love, y'all.And Matt, you are a verrrrrrrrrry bad boy.


  9. >lol@Cap…now why wouldn't I miss your prompt greetings? you have been a consistent reader/writer with me for months. we may not be on the same projects but we share the same love of the craft. I wish you the absolute best, Cap. We have no beef whatsoever. smile…Matt, dude, you are something else. No whippins round these parts. We are non violent folks. LOL.KiKi..ok call me then. clear the throat first, then burst out into melodious song. oh wait, Ki..it's Monday!!! hahahahahaThanks, hun for the birthday shout out. You are da bestest!I'm quite fortunate…yes, she can cook!


  10. >DC…have we started celebrating all ready? hmmmm? LOL! I'm getting a "happy" vibe…if you get my drift…what you sippin on?And, yeah, I agree the whippin talk is a little to violent…but aint nothin wrong wit a lil slap & tickle! LMAO!!!(sorry…I couldn't resist…LOL some more!)


  11. >ooops..sorry wrong Kendra. Thank you for the reply though.Kiki..man, you are certainly the life of the party.I agree with Kendra…this blog is fantastic and the host is truly the most wonderful gift on the planet for any person…I shall handle with care….(wink)


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