Here’s wishing the happiest of birthdays to one of the nicest guys to walk the planet. His blog, I AM INSPIRED, is also a popular watering hole where many gather to share ideas. He’s extra special to me so I wanted to show him some extra special love on The Zone today.

Feliz Compleanos, D.C.!!!

The world’s a better place because you’re in it.

Lucky world! Lucky me!

D.C. loves Schoolhouse Rock and devotedly has Schoolhouse Rock Thursday on his site every week, even though it’s not always greeted with the same enthusiasm as some of his other posts. He just wants everyone to love Schoolhouse Rock the way he did as a kid and still does now. So here’s to you, Big Guy…your favorite Schoolhouse Rocks ever.


16 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DC!!!!!!!!

  1. >awwwwww…thank you, Yvette. That is so sweet of you to do that on the blog. I'll give you a big hug for it…real soon.Yes, she does…but I'll never tell. (wink)Happy Monday to you too.


  2. >thank you, honey. one for telling everyone that i still watch them…even when your around(which is a lil embarassing…smile) and two for being the most wonderful present for me …EVER. You are da absolute bestest!!!xoxoxoxox


  3. >@Nell: wow, that makes me feel great. I can't eat too much more cake this week..I hit my quota at my godson's graduation/going into the services party. Thank you very much. That is a heck of a compliment. (((hug)))@Juan G: thank you, sir. I hear absolutely nothing but fantastic things about you from Lo. It's nice to actually cyber meet you.(handshaking Juan G)


  4. >DC…need I add anything to this forum? HELL YES! Happy Birthday!! Wow, you seem to have a lot of capitol. At least you're named after it…Yours,Matt


  5. >@Matt: hahahah…thanks Matt. you're a trip dude.D.C. is my nickname. My first too initials of my name. I know it's boring but thats all I could come up with when I re-invented myself.


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