>Let There Be Credit…


…and there was. LOTS.

Manhattan accountant Frank Van Buren found himself flooded with plastic in recent weeks, as the ExxonMobil cards kept on coming. Van Buren, who said he has had an ExxonMobil account for his business for 17 years, had ordered two copies of his card because it was expiring.

He got the cards he requested — and then got two boxes with 1,000 cards each. Van Buren said it took hours to shred the cards, which all had his name and account number.

”How could you send me 2,000 cards by mistake?” Van Buren said he asked customer-service representatives.

Imagine the windfall for potential thieves if they’d gotten their hands on those boxes of cards. In times when gas is so expensive? Homeboy’s whole world could have been shut down in a single day with 2,000 different people all buying gas on his card at the same time (let’s suspend disbelief here and assume there’s no credit limit on the card and that $0 fraud liability they mention on their website doesn’t apply…1,998 extra credit cards are just ridiculous).

NY Times.com: ExxonMobil Sends Man 2, 000 Credit Cards

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