>If You’re Reading This From Work, You Ain’t ‘Bout Shit.*


Just kidding. Sorta…*

Americans who feel bored and underpaid do work hard — at surfing the Internet and catching up on gossip, according to a survey that found U.S. workers waste about 20 percent of their working day.

An online survey of 2,057 employees by online compensation company Salary.com found about six in every 10 workers admit to wasting time at work with the average employee wasting 1.7 hours of a typical 8.5 hour working day.

Personal Internet use topped the list as the leading time-wasting activity according to 34 percent of respondents, with 20.3 percent then listing socializing with co-workers and 17 percent conducting personal business as taking up time.

The reasons why people wasted time were varied with nearly 18 percent of respondents questioned by e-mail in June and July said boredom and not having enough to do was the main reason.

The second most popular reason for wasting time was having too long hours (13.9 percent), being underpaid (11.8 percent), and a lack of challenging work (11.1 percent).

See? Everybody’s doing it, not just you. Don’t you feel normal now? Even I do it and I’m my own boss, which means I’m cheating my damn self.

I ain’t ’bout shit, either.

**Some of y’all are spending about 80 percent of your day out here. Damn. There’s help for that, you know.

Reuters: Wasting time at work? You’re not alone: survey

3 thoughts on “>If You’re Reading This From Work, You Ain’t ‘Bout Shit.*

  1. >lol…what if i'm reading this from home when I could be at work right now? hmmmmmmmmmm…..what does that fall under?this post was funny as hell.good one!


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