>Um, About That Raise…Nevermind.

>If you’re not self-employed, you might want to check your boss’s mood before you query him/her about that increase in pay you so desperately need:

A financially strapped owner of a car dealership told authorities he was under stress when he killed two employees because they kept asking for pay raises, police said Tuesday.

Rolandas Milinavicius* was charged in the shooting deaths of Inga Contreras, 25, and Martynas Simokaitis, 28. All three are from the eastern European nation of Lithuania but had been living in Atlanta, authorities said.

Yikes!!! That’s some harsh shit. Wonder what he’d do to his wife if she happened to have a headache one night. First employees were going postal, and now bosses are, too. Pretty soon, bulletproof vests are going to be regulation office attire.

*Ten dollars if you can say his name three times real fast.

AOL News: Car Dealer Accused of Two Murders

3 thoughts on “>Um, About That Raise…Nevermind.

  1. >there…I said the name three time fast.keep the ten spot, but I will need a drink of water after doing so.another classic example of "when it keeping it real goes wrong. I hate that this happened to the employees and it is a sad sad state of mind to snap over someone asking for a raise.wow.


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