>Yeah, Right.


Now this is some bullshit.

Smoking one cannabis joint is as harmful to a person’s lungs as having up to five cigarettes, according to research published on Tuesday.

Those who smoked cannabis damaged both the lungs’ small fine airways, used for transporting oxygen, and the large airways, which blocked air flow, the researchers said.

I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of a weedhead dying from lung cancer or emphysema. At most, they choke on a chicken bone or a cheeto.

This sounds like a conspiracy (pronounced ‘con-SPY-racy‘) perpetrated by the tobacco industry. Anything to deflect the heat off themselves.

They’d better not fuck with the weedheads. The weedheads will win.*

*I am not a weedhead, but I do know a few. They are legion and will smash the perpetrators of this tomfoolery if forced to rise up.

Reuters: One cannabis joint as bad as five cigarettes: study

5 thoughts on “>Yeah, Right.

  1. >HEEEEEYYYYY LO!Dey gon' f*ck around & get hit upside da head wit a bong…(did I just say that out loud? whats a bong? you didn't hear me say that! hehehe)puff, puff, pass…LMAO


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