>Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut, Sometimes You Don’t.


Because nuts can get rather boring, you know.

A Finnish squirrel with a sweet tooth heads to a Finnish grocery shop at least twice a day to steal “Kinder Surprise” chocolate-shelled eggs.

“I named it the Kinder-squirrel, after the treats. It always goes after them, other sweets do not seem to interest it as much,” the manager of the store in Jyvaskyla, central Finland, told Reuters.

The confectionary, which is intended for children, has a toy inside.

It removes the foil carefully, eats the chocolate and leaves the store with the toy…”

Ain’t that something? And I thought my Lola was clever…

…because she knew how to do podcasts, work a remote and sign on to AOL.

Perhaps I need to look into adding some squirrels to our collection of family pets.

Reuters: Chocoholic squirrel steals treats from shop

One thought on “>Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut, Sometimes You Don’t.

  1. >um…how 'bout not adding any more pets? great story though. where do you find thses blog topics? …LOL!I need to spy on you to find out your resources. hahahahha


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