Yeah, yeah, save your jawin’. See, what had happened was…

Aww, forget it. A lot of you know the details. Busy year, busy summer, major changes, yada, yada, WTF. I did a few posts back in July and early August, trying to keep up a level of normalcy, but I’ve had a lot of adjusting to do so I’ve mostly been ghost since then. Many of you have checked in with me via e-mail and phone. For those who called, see Fun Fact #3 on the left side of this newly-designed page (and please, don’t take it personally…I love you to pieces for thinking of me…phones just freak me out; I get all “trapped rat” and everything…trust me, I’m doing you a favor). And a billion thanks for the hundreds of birthday wishes I received last week—here, on my MySpace page, via e-mails, et al. You guys sure know how to make a girl feel good.

Anyway, I’m back. New look, new town, new buncha stuff. Bigger, better, faster, stronger. I figured I’d jazz this page up a little while I was at it. Not sure if that’s a white girl at the top or not, but I like the look, so for now, she stays. (Love me, love that white girl at the top…let’s just say she’s ‘lightskinned,’ how about that?)

Feel free to come through on the regular again. I’ll be here, slowly but surely building my way back up to regular posting. The man of the house has already returned to regular posting on his site, so please pop in over there as well (if you’re not already frequenting the place).

And since a party ain’t a party without some dancing, here’s our resident skank

…ready to celebrate as only she can. Why look, she even brought out her pole for you.


7 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…

  1. >I'm First!!well, well, well…look who did some website makeovering(is that a word?) Welcome back to the blog world.What took so long?Those Fun Facts are the funniest truthful accounts that I have ever seen.


  2. >OMG, ur back! I was just passing thru out of habit but I didn't think u'd be here, I just miss ur very funny voice and come thru from time 2 time. What a pleasant surprise! Welcome. Please stick around for a while!


  3. >Those fun facts had me rolling on the floor!! You don't like the telephone? Then you must lose your mind when it comes to people with cellphones who like to talk loud on theirs everywhere they go……people like ME!!You're still my favorite author even if we might never have a phone conversation!! Its good to see you back.


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