When Other People Try To Come Between You And Your True Love.

In this particular case, unfortunately, I’m the other person coming between what is obviously a soulmate connection of epic proportion, aka, a couple known as Damon DC and Lo.

This is a love affair like no other. Lo (the black, furry one pictured above) has a wild adoration for Damon DC unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I’m sure she shakes her paws nightly at the heavens for cursing her with fur, claws, a tail (that actually works in her favor, as Lo has hips like a black chick), and the inability to truly be with “her man.” I’m in the way, keeping her from her soulmate. That still doesn’t stop her from curling up next to him every night, waiting anxiously at the door for him to return each day from the office, and looking upon him lovingly as he writes, blogs, checks e-mail, whatever.

Make no mistake, I am in the way, as far as she’s concerned. I’ve been checking over my shoulder of late, in case any errant banana peels

…and what-not start appearing in unexpected places, like near the landing where the stairs are that lead to the basement. Lo thinks I’m cockblocking, and nothing—not even the woman who’s cared for her for the past eight years—is going to get in her way.

Don’t let the babyface fool ya…

This cuddly lil’ bytch is vicious when it comes to “her man“!!!

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