…in my new city.

When did killing people (and then yourself) become the solution to everything? This is the second time since Sunday that something like this has been in the news (here’s the first incident). WTF is going on? This is a generation of “my way or the highway” fools. So what, you got suspended? So what, that chick doesn’t want to be with you anymore? Get over it. Get a life. Don’t take out a half-dozen others, and then your own, in retaliation.

I have no sympathy for mealymouthed punk-assed people like this and saying they did it because they were “troubled” doesn’t raise my pity flag either. And don’t say ‘he was just a kid.’ Fourteen years old is old enough to know better. We’re all built with a moral compass, it’s just whether we choose to use it or not. I don’t think it’s an accident this kid’s name was Coon (perhaps The Field Negro has something to say about that).

4 thoughts on “>Craziness…

  1. >Things like this happen because we live in a time when folks feel like they're entitled to everything. If they can't have what they want (even if that means you) then they are willing to kill you, innocent bystanders and themselves so that nobody wins.This is the negative benefit of giving children too much when they haven't earned it. They don't know how to accept penalties or punishments or simply the word NO. They're response is to murder. Heaven help us all.


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