It’s A Dick Thing.

Isn’t that always what it is when there’s beef between men?

An elderly Turkish man was arrested in Austria on suspicion of shooting dead another Turk and cutting off his penis because he believed the victim was having an affair with his wife, police said Thursday.

A police statement said the 76-year-old Turk confronted the other man, 58, at a bus stop in Wimpassing near Vienna on Wednesday, shot him at close range, sliced off the man’s penis with a kitchen knife and laid it beside him before fleeing.

At least he had the courtesy to lay it next to the dead guy so it can be buried with him. What a disgrace it would have been to be laid to rest without it.

On that note, I wonder if men have their peens in the afterlife? What if it’s one big dick thing up there (or down there), too?

*You know you missed seeing that grilled dick.

Reuters: Gunman severs victim’s penis

7 thoughts on “It’s A Dick Thing.

  1. >that's some serious sh!t; 76 and cutting d!cks off? most guys are excellent chess players, or asleep in rocking chairs, or sitting on porches and smoking pipes – and this guy is cutting d!cks.well, i would never have known that had i not stumbled upon your report of the story, so thanks for that.interesting blog Lo.^___^&Rew.


  2. >The bbq d-ck! The bbq d-ck! Now it's official that you're back. It wasn't really really real until you whipped out the cooked c-ck!Sorry……it's Friday and I'm feeling loopy.


  3. >This sorry mutha should have cut off his own d^ck and thrown it away, obviously it was useless since his woman was tipping out trying to get satisfaction somewhere else. Men always wanna get mad at somebody else when they ain't taking care of business at home. F^ck your woman on the regular before she f^cks somebody else. Men who don't know that are some dumbass fools.


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