7 thoughts on “Missin’ My Dad.

  1. >Hey Cousin Stacee! Yeah, "Ham" always kept everyone in stitches, including my childhood friends who used to come around just because he was so entertaining. (I wasn't crazy enough to think they were coming around just for me.) Daddy and Uncle Louis probably have folks cracking up on the other side.And Cort, I'm glad to know you're just right around the corner. That's very comforting to me, being a stranger in a strange city. Thanks for all the big brother hugs yesterday. I know I'm a strange bird at times, but you always get me no matter what, and I absolutely love you for it.


  2. >Aw, babygirl, if you were here I'd give you a big hug and take you to our sushi spot. Nothing like a fat ass lobster roll and some confetti shrimp to make my girl feel all better. Hurry up and get your ass back to LA! WTF you doing in Cleveland anyway? Every time I think about you not being here, I get mad.


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