Milo’s New Favorite Video.

Every man loves a good ball-licking (so I hear), and my boy, Milo

…is no exception. He sometimes spends endless stretches of time in pursuit of this sport, carefully, meticulously, painstakingly ensuring each hair upon his sack is loved into place (because, of course, he only licks for grooming purposes; my precious boy isn’t some self-wanking, nasty, crunchy-dicked freak like all those others ball-licking dogs out there; he was raised better than that).

But now, at long last, there’s an offer of assistance!!! The following video makes Milo very happy.* Perhaps it will make you happy, too!!!

Careful, this one’s definitely NSFW.** Don’t say you weren’t warned.


*Who says free speech and the internet are good things? Does everyone have to know about that fat, infested, sick, herpes-syphilis dick?

**Thanks Troy!!!

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