Happy Days, Happy Dogs.

This past Saturday I “discovered” (read, “was finally exposed to”) a lovely place called Euclid Beach. It was beautiful. The wind was high, we walked along the shore, I got my shoes wet, picked up rocks and gorgeous pieces of driftwood, and was immediately put into a state of bliss.

I’ve since learned that it used to be a very popular spot, complete with an amusement park, modeled after Coney Island.

Anyway, I loved it so much, I wanted to go back again yesterday to write (places like this are great for getting my creativity flowing), this time with the dogs in tow (they allow pets on leash!). We decided to make a picnic of it. We seasoned up some meat, I made some side dishes, packed up the laptop and the pups, bought a fresh baguette on the way, and headed out. We had the big pavilion all to ourselves, so we grilled the meat, I wrote, and the dogs chilled. When all was ready, we ate a great dinner under a beautiful sky with the perfect breeze. Then we packed everything up, put it in the car, then took the dogs for a nice long walk. They were practically rock stars, as every passerby and others with their pets stopped to admire our herd furry family.

It was a great start to what I’m sure will be a great week. Happy days, happy days.

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