>The Antidote.

>I just peeped this over on Ye Tudda’s blog (which, BTW, is pretty darn cool). How did I miss this on Friday night? Oh, I know…I was sick in bed with the flu. Still am. But just looking at this makes a girl feel much better.* (Dig them horns, y’all!!!)

*sigh*…I love me some Jigga.


Also, check out this article on him in yesterday’s LA Times.

*I have to admit, though, the Mister’s been taking excellent care of me, even though he’s been sick, too. He’s the bestest!!!

9 thoughts on “>The Antidote.

  1. >Girl you love you some Jigga, don't you, LOL!! It's a good thing your man seems to be cool with it. I'm sure he knows it's just professional admiration. I don't know which you love better tho', Jigga or fried chicken. Prolly fried Jigga, right? ROFLMAO!!


  2. >@T-Rubble: you are absolutely correct"Prolly fried Jigga, right?"…would be my answer too.awww…you're welcome. besides you took excellent care of me with teh hornet sting saga. lol!smooches!


  3. >I love your top 7 things.I had no idea your son was named DJ too :)p.s. I just IM'd you. ;)just kidding!!!!!!hope you're feeling better soon. i read on one of your posts that you're not feeling well.


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