>Whoop That Trick Bee, (Yeah!), Whoop That Trick Bee!!!


That’s right, buddy…

…buzz off!!!

You got your ass kicked!!!

If you haven’t seen this yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. It is all that and more, an instant classic. Run, run, run to the theaters…even though we all know about those crystal clear bootleg versions that are floating all over the place. They only helped the hype, as far as I’m concerned. The numbers speak volumes.

American Gangster Official Site

6 thoughts on “>Whoop That Trick Bee, (Yeah!), Whoop That Trick Bee!!!

  1. >I got sick of seeing Jerry Seinfeld hustling that bee movie all over the dang place. I'm so glad AMERICAN GANGSTER won the box office. It was the better movie, hands down.


  2. >I saw 'American Gangster' on Saturday night with my man. It was the best movie I've seen this year, and that's saying a lot.I have no plans to see 'Bee Movie'. Like Ginger, I got tired of seeing Jerry Seinfeld trying to shove this down the public's throat at every turn. I guess you can't make people swallow what they don't want to eat; 'Gangster' is definitely a meal worth savoring.


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