>Is It Just Me…

>…or does this commercial take things a bit too far? I saw it last night while lying in bed (still sick) and it kinda freaked me out. Maybe I’m just sensitive. Still, I have to wonder how this ad is working out for them.

7 thoughts on “>Is It Just Me…

  1. >that commercial was horrible. i don't like to see things like that. i was watching a movie (i can't think of the name right now) and this guy gets hit like that. it was NASTY! ;(i screamed when i watched the movie. stuff like that freaks me out. p.s. hope you're feeling better soon. oh and by the way, when you feel better, i say milk all the attention from Mister for a little longer 😉


  2. >Ok…I'm playin catch up here, and apparently I'm the odd man (woman) out. Cause I thought that shyt was funny as hell! (I'm still laughin…)I guess I'm more twisted than I thought, huh?


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