11 thoughts on “Just In Case There’s Still Anyone Out There Who Doesn’t Know…

  1. >call me a perv if you like Lo but I'm digging the cameltoe shot even if it is of a silverfox's twat…hey I rhymed too!!!Now I see what movie goers paid millions to get a quick glimpse of … ( Fatal Instinct) I have watched the film over and over again and have yet to see what the big deal was .. but then again I have a porn collection, go figure


  2. >EEEEWWWWW!!! Can I borrow that bleach when you're done with it?Anywho, Lo…thank you sooooo much for the cookies. I almost had to fight mf's that night over those cookies. They were GOOD AS HALE!! mmmmmm, mmmmmm…Thanks again! (((HUGS & SMOOCHES)))


  3. >Why would you throw it away? Do you throw your panties out each time you wear them-or just WASH them? Anyway, still a bad move, she was probably thinking or trying not to have a panty line but came out with something waaaay worse.


  4. >There's a difference between drawers and outerwear, Adrianne. Panties are underwear. She should have worn some that night as a buffer. That catsuit probably has a permanent stain in the spandex seat now after being stuck up inside her business all night. Stains like that don't always come out, especially out of spandex or lycra, no matter how much she WASHES it.


  5. >Oh my sweet Jeesus! She couldn't feel that?! Kind of how like you smell somebody's stink breath and you think, "Gosh, I wonder if they couldn't TASTE that stink mouth!? There MUST be a taste that goes with funk like that!" Maybe she felt it but couldn't find the right moment to get it out…or maybe she just didn't give a damn!


  6. >I am with Sugar, can't she feel that. Or maybe it is a turnon to her. Yuck! Nothing wrong with buying the right size. That is a sure way of getting an infection.


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