10 thoughts on “How I’ve Been Feeling Of Late.

  1. >Start talking to God, cause it's very difficult to speak and listen simultaneously.Eventually the devil in your ear will move on to less resistant listeners and the battle is won. God gets the victory and you are more at ease.You are da bestest!


  2. >We are quick to label things 'good' and 'evil', but keep in mind that God is the Creator of all things, and that which we consider dark and light are often 'intention' and 'counter-intention', the yin and yang of existence. Instead of dismissing what you feel that 'darker' voice is saying to you, examine your conscience, your spirit, your heart……sometimes our intuition/spirit is trying to guide us out of harm's way. We may interpret it as a 'dark force' trying take us off track, but it just might be the voice of reason trying to warn you against something even darker up ahead. Counter-intention, when carefully examined, can often lead us back where we belong.


  3. >Good point, Wise Guy. Everything dark isn't always the devil. The truth can sound dark at first, but if you pay attention, it can lead you to the light. Pray on it.As for your guardian angel, he/she is there. God never leaves us unattended.


  4. >Who's messing with my babygirl? Do I need to come to Cleveland?What you need is a nice dinner at Geoffrey's in Malibu. That always made you happy. Just close your eyes and picture their two pound lobster, recall the scent of those coconut curry prawns, and think about that kobe platinum sirloin you love so much.Breathe in, breathe out. Feel better already, don't you?See? Now the devil's gone away!


  5. >Your sis Ettevy is always a phone call or plane ride away. Together, we will drive the devil away from you. God is always with you. God will never leave your side. Just talk to God and I guarantee you will feel better. I will always be here for you Key-LoLo!!!


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