>Let The Church Say "!$#@&!"

>My dear friend, brother, and sometimes collaborator, playwright/ screenwriter/ producer/ director/ mega-talent David E. Talbert

…has his first major film release this coming January, and it’s going to be a winner for sure!!!

Starring hip-hip icon and box office favorite, Ice Cube, the always-hilarious Katt Williams, and longtime SNLer and star of NBC‘s hit comedy 30 Rock, Tracy Morgan, the story is about what happens when two very desperate men get the bright idea to rob the church. (I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often…a church these days is like the neighborhood Fort Knox).

Check out the trailer below.

Written, directed, and produced by David E. Talbert (go Dave!!!), First Sunday will be in theaters everywhere on January 11, 2008. Be there!!!

And just remember, “crime doesn’t pray“!!!

First Sunday Official Site
David E. Talbert Official Site

9 thoughts on “>Let The Church Say "!$#@&!"

  1. >This definitely looks likes it's going to be a box office hit. I'd even go check it out in the blizzard weather we will be having around then.Get your warm boots, hun. LOL!


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