Long Live Luna The Wolf Bitch!!! (…Sorta…)

So this past Friday, Cortney and I decided to catch up on last week’s episode of Aaron McGruder’s outrageously funny and societally spot-on cartoon version of his comic strip, The Boondocks. Cort had recorded it and when we began to watch, we had no idea of the madness that was headed our way. In the episode, after several unfortunate bait-and-switch dates, Granddad

…finally meets a chick on MySpace who’s just as beautiful as her picture. The catch? She’s crazy like a fox wolf (bitch), and after a night of terrorizing Granddad and the boys, she finally explains why she’s so f*ckin nuts. This was our favorite part of the episode.

This is some of the funniest sh*t I’ve ever seen in my life. And don’t even come at with me some, “Shame on you, Lo, it’s so misogynistic” crap. This was fall-out funny at its best, and if you saw the entire episode, you’d understand what I mean. Here it is.

Poor Luna. That bitch brought the funny big time. Luna, by the way, was voiced by the brilliant and talented Aisha Tyler.

She ripped it and then some!!!

*Oh yeah…Friday was also a major milestone for Cortney. He turned the big 4-0. Watch out, world. If you think my brother was bad before, you have no idea what’s coming your way. He has officially entered the Age of I-Don’t-Give-A-F*ck. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

8 thoughts on “Long Live Luna The Wolf Bitch!!! (…Sorta…)

  1. >Yeah that was the funny episode!!!!Aaron has some serious issues, especially when everytime someone said "white lotus" the sound effects in the background! Riley said, "I told y'all we shoulda shot the bitch" I fell off my bed.The best episodes this season has got to the 1. The Return of Stinkmeaner."You talking all that shit and got kicked in yo chest"2. ThugnificentI want "Eff Grandad" in my ipod. Snoops part was the best!


  2. >I forgot about Cortney's azz…he just mad cause his ass is old (i really just wanted to fit that in somewhere…love it)Speaking of, I tried to catch up with that Charlotte Show of his, but you know I don't wanna be dyck ridin', Anyway I just wanted to give him dap and say "yo Cortney I like yo show" that won't be dyck ridin or nuthin' you think? Would that be dyck ridin'?I digressed into that whole scene.


  3. >That show was so damn funny … not because of the violence but the sheer stoopidaty of the characters . I find my self laughing over and over again you without me equals shit..hahahhahaShe She I haven't been ignoring you if you want to come to the show it's all good and that aint dick riding … thats called homie support …Boog's you got me pegged right I never gave a shhhhhhhhhhh now I'm destined to be real non caring … smile


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