>Am I The Only Person Who Hasn’t Tried Spanx Yet?

>A part of me is afraid they’ll make me look like Oprah does in this picture. (Cleveland hasn’t been so good for my diet. This extra poundage has got to go!!!)

Plus them shits look like they hurt!!!

A man tried to wear a pair to see what all the fuss was about. It wasn’t pretty, to say the least.

NY Observer: Spanx Me, Baby!

10 thoughts on “>Am I The Only Person Who Hasn’t Tried Spanx Yet?

  1. >LOL. I am trying ot to fall out at work. Lo, you are always finding some stuff that makes me crack up. And I have never tried Spanx either, they are expensive and I wonder about the ones that stop at the bra and you slip the straps on. Tyra B introduced me to them when she lifted up her dress on TV to show how they looked. LOL. SMH.


  2. >Ya know… I tried spanx just to see what all the fuss is all about and it is very comfortable..I could not understand what it really was suppose to do because it did nothing for me and then a friend told me, it holds in all of your jiggle..and now I understand why it did nothing for me…LOL!! Key Lo Lo, you definitely don't need spanx, so just stop it.


  3. >I'm with Laila – they're not so bad… they're a lot more comfy than those girdles I used to watch my mama jump & contort into! LOL! and until my work outs kick in – they make me look "TIGHT" 😉


  4. >I like my Spanx, unfortunately I do look like Oprah in them…tee hee.You must put them on before you apply any makeup because with all the sweating and hyperventalating you do to pull them bad boys up over your ass is a lesson of endurance.


  5. >If you can get away with not wearing Spanx under fitted clothing–more power to you. There are a few outfits I own where Spanx are a requirement, unfortunately. They aren't as uncomfortable as they look, BUT, they definitely don't make you feel sexy.


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