Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!!

Crackheads, rejoice!!! There’ll be no more thousand-year sentences (hopefully) for having a handful of rocks versus the considerably lesser sentences that are typically handed out for having truckloads of the powder version.

Hint: poorer folks—read, blacks and hispanics—are often the possessors of crack rock

…whereas your cozy, comfy middle and upper-class folk—read, whites—are often the purveyors of powder.

Notice a pattern?

So get your happy dance on, crackheads and neighborhood slangers!!!

Your day has finally come!!!

5 thoughts on “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!!

  1. >I love how you've blended the crack theme with the holidays. Yesterday was hoe, hoe, hoes and was all about a crackhead, and now you're doing it again. Very clever!


  2. >It's about damn time. The prisons are filled with brothers who got damn near fifteen years to life because they were toting a few rocks. Meanwhile you got cats trafficking mad snow who skate their way through. This has always been bullshit, different penalties for the same amount of the same drug but in different forms.


  3. >Oh lawd……the corners are gonna be thick with dealers now that this has happened. You know black men ain't scared to do a bid especially since it's a way to get your street cred. Now that the bids are getting cut short nobody's gonna be scared of jail.


  4. >The courts were wrong in the way they handled this from the very beginning. It's about time there was some parity. Now let's try for fixing the rest of the (in)justice system.


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