7 thoughts on “>I Want My Fat Ass Santa Back!!!

  1. >Genius, pure genius. This is the funniest thing I've seen in weeks.Oh, and manboobs are gross. Manboobs AND a gut? Triple yuck with a side of vomit. Sorry if that offends any fat guys reading this. It's not a good look. So unless you're married to Mrs. Claus, spare your woman the nightmare. Push away from the table and join a gym….or borrow Santa's staples.


  2. >……And I'm with Ginger about the manboobs. They are super-gross and so is having a gut to go with it. I went out with a guy who took his shirt off in front of me and had manboobs. I don't know how he did it but he had them hid real well until he took the shirt off. Call me shallow but brotherman never saw me again. He was a punk anyway, a momma's boy who drove a raggedy car that was always breaking down and he was always broke. He ended up going back to live in his momma's basement. I bet his manboobs are super-huge by now.


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