>Fly Like An Eagle Angel.

>So last night was a first for me. It snowed up a storm yesterday, to my absolute delight. I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, so having snowy winters now is a dream. Since I didn’t grow up in snow, I’ve also never made a snow angel. After toying around with the thought of running out into the yard and doing it, my dear friend, Lil’ Pools

…gave me the final nudge via e-mail to just get out there and set my inner angel free.

So I did.

Here’s how the lawn looked just moments before.

Lovely, no?

Here’s me, extra-bundled, spreading my wings (my nose looks like you could drive a truck through it…I never knew that’s how it looked from the underside).

And here’s my angel!!!

Happy New Year, y’all!!!

11 thoughts on “>Fly Like An Eagle Angel.

  1. >You did it!!! You did it!!! now you have to make your first snowman or an igloo or have a snowball fight or go sledding down a big hill…or oops im getting to excited. Happy New Year Lo!


  2. >LOL!!!!! Babygirl, you're crazy. Good to see you enjoying the snow.Happy new year to you and the dogs. Oh yes, I mustn't forget about the bird. Whatup bird!!!!!


  3. >I've always been a serious lurker (not to be confused with stalker):-),and admirer/fan of your writing. Not wanting to post… just enjoying the camaraderie. Until today! For someone who lives and grew up in MI, I never understood the fascination with snow, because IT'S COLD. But your post has brought me out of hiding to say Thank You! For helping me to smile and remember…ITA….That was cute as well as refreshing.Nichole


  4. >You have got to make a snowman and throw snowballs if you've never done it. A lot of people who grew up in snow hate it, but I love snow more than any kind of weather. Feliz Ano Nuevo!


  5. >Happy New YEAR Lo & Fam! Congrats on your FIRST snow angel! Never too late to enjoy snow-life! I gotta wait 'til I leave the city to do such cuz I'm afraid to lay in snow here in nyc – too many dogs with triflin' owners, rats, etc.


  6. >I.LOVE.IT!!!! You always find a way to inspire me…Oh, also Lo, now that you're going to have to deal with snowy winters, you need a pair of Maxine's of Canada snow boots. You can find them at Nieman Marcus. 🙂


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