Let’s Make It Happen!!!

Alright, people, tomorrow is THE BIG DAY. It’s the official opening of my big (lil’) brother, five-time NAACP award winning David E. Talbert’s first major studio production…

It’s important that we get out and see this movie, specifically on Friday, January 11th, the first day it opens. Why Friday, you ask? Because Hollywood looks at the numbers on Friday and that’s how they project which film will open at #1. The more African-American films that we have that open at #1, the more chances we get to tell our stories, hire our actors, and entertain, uplift, and inspire our community. This film does all that. It’s a laugh-out-loud movie for the entire family. This Friday, let’s send a strong signal that OUR FILMS MATTER.

Let’s make First Sunday #1!!!

*Oh yeah…expect heavy Barack Obama campaigning from me in the next few months via this blog. I’m pushing hard for two men in the ’08: David E. Talbert in Hollywood and Barack Obama for President. You’ve been forewarned.

**Click HERE for an excellent article on David that recently ran in the Los Angeles Times (free registration may be required to read the article online).

7 thoughts on “Let’s Make It Happen!!!

  1. >I'll probably end up going more than once. I love a good comedy and this one seems like it will hit all the right notes. I'm very into supporting black films, so the more opportunities we can have the better.


  2. >I'm going tonight. Thanks for letting us know Friday numbers are the ones that count most. I never knew that. My original plan was to go tomorrow afternoon.


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