>By A Hair Bucket.

>But we gave them a run for it, and we put up excellent numbers, to boot!!!

[click image to enlarge]

That’s nothing to sneeze at, considering First Sunday opened on nearly seven hundred less screens than The Bucket List and made much more per screening ($8004 vs $6661). I’m guessing if we’d opened a little bit wider, this would be a wrap.

I’m super-proud of my big (lil’) brother.

This was awesome for his first turn at bat with a big studio film.

And don’t forget people…we can still make First Sunday No. 1 next weekend.

It. ain’t. over.

3 thoughts on “>By A Hair Bucket.

  1. >Congrats…truth be told, it was probably number one…folks need to make sure they check their ticket stubs because some theaters will pull an okey doke.


  2. >I've been spreading the word like wild fire and I even gave up the passes I won to the premier last Wednesday since I knew I was definitely going to catch it in theaters. It's great to see the brother doing well on his first movie.


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