>Just What America Needs Right Now.

>In the wake of Golf Channel commentator Kelly Tilghman’s suspension for saying that the only way the new generation of golfers will have a chance at winning against the juggernaut that is Tiger Woods is to “lynch him in a back alley,” Golfweek Magazine took things to their next illogical level with this madness…

Yeah. Okay.

Says the head fool in charge:

“We knew that image would grab attention, but I didn’t anticipate the enormity of it,” [Golfweek editor Dave] Seanor said. “There’s been a huge, negative reaction. I’ve gotten so many e-mails. It’s a little overwhelming.”

No shit, Sherlock. I personally think this cat just wanted an excuse to whip out a pic of a noose (in honor of MLK’s birthday, no less!!!). The golf world can say what it wants, but as a historically white elite sport, they’re none too happy about a blackish man dominating for so damn long.

I guess when all else fails against an indomitable opponent of color, you pull the race card. Just ask this woman

Update: The idiota who came up with this ridik magazine cover just got fired. Happy MLK weekend, y’all!!!

globeandmail.com: Golfweek fires editor, vice-president over cover image
ESPN.com: Golfweek cover featuring noose raises ire of PGA Tour commissioner

6 thoughts on “>Just What America Needs Right Now.

  1. >I.CANT.BELIEVE.THAT.DUMB.SHIT.All hell should break loose on that magazine. I'm going to circulate this post to every person in all my address books. yahoo gmail hotmail aol..hell i may even spam this message out.WTF?!I thought my post was right on time for MLK day…yours has taken it next level. THANKS ALOT!


  2. >Anyone who has seen the Great Debaters had lynching brought graphically to their attention. Now to see this crap…. I'm tellin' ya, every single day I see items in the news which make me believe in the essential truth of Naomi Wolf's new book "The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot." We are well down the path of a Fascist Shift in this country…and don't think that it's all gonna change come election time…what makes you think they gonna let anybody they don't like into the Big House? They just stole two elections, and I got a bad feeling about November….if it ain't a landslide, they will do what they can to steal it again. Probably the most important election in our nation's history. Please buy a copy of her short book, read it and give it to a friend, and tell them to give it to a friend….very important people!


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