>Trust No One…


…especially if you’ve got some shit to hide.

Here’s your girl, Amy Winehouse, smoking CRACK on video. Yeah, CRACK. And somehow, someone she trusted enough to let in her space filmed it and that shit is now all over the internets.

Talk about a fall from grace. How do you go from this…

…to this…

…while you’re in the midst of your star being on a meteoric rise? Hmmm, perhaps this chick can answer that. Or this one. Anyway…

Be careful who you hang with, people. Oh yeah, and don’t smoke ROCKS!!! Crack is wack!!!

The Sun: Amy Winehouse on Crack

10 thoughts on “>Trust No One…

  1. >Sad, but I really don't think she is self-destructing. I believe this is who she was when she was "discovered" and they cleaned her up long enough for her to hit the scene and she just reverted to who she really is. After all she said no, no, no to rehab and I think she meant it.


  2. >Juan G took the words right out of my mouth! I really don't know whats so surprising. When my friend started playing (the hell out of) her music, all I could do was sit back, listen, and think…what the f*ck is she on, cause she gots to be higher than a mu'fugga to come up with the music she wrote. There's also a pic of her floating around out there where she has about a gram of coke resting on her nostrils! That girl is gone…but I think she was gone before she ever got here.


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