>Funny To The Nth Power.

>Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has had a running joke where his last guest of the night is supposedly Matt Damon (it could be anybody who was scheduled but hasn’t come out yet), and just when “Matt” is about to come out, Jimmy announces they’ve run out of time. Once, when the real Matt Damon was scheduled to appear, as soon as he sat on the couch, Jimmy did it again. Matt cursed him out on the air. (Of course it was a planned gag, but it was still funny as hell.)

Well, Matt Damon and Jimmy’s longtime girlfriend, comedian Sarah Silverman, decided to have some get-back fun in honor of Jimmy’s fifth year on the air. This thing is hilarious. Enjoy!!!

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]
[refresh your screen if you can’t see the player

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