My Little Brother’s All Growed Up.

Eleven years ago, I had a cameo (well, my legs, mostly) as the D.A. in his award-winning student film, Shattered, done when he was in film school at the University of Miami. Since then, my “little brother,” Miami-based director R. Malcolm Jones

…has seriously earned his chops, having worked with everyone from hometown favorites Luther Campbell and Trick Daddy to Pharrell and Avril Lavigne.

Malcolm on set with Nas and The Game.

As he was growing in his craft, whenever he’d come to L.A. to either shoot or do post on a video, he’d crash at my place, sometimes for a just a few days, occasionally for weeks at a time. Never without his ubiquitous New York ball cap, he was always intensely focused, determined to go to the next level. When he did stop for a break, we’d chop it up as we hung out. He was an excellent confidante and we never ran out of things to talk about. Now look at him. I’m so very proud.

His newest video, “Shawty, Get Loose!” by Lil Mama, featuring Chris Brown and T-Pain, is a straight-up killer. Reminiscent of classic hi-tech videos like “Scream” and “No Scrubs,” this thing seriously gets you moving, and I don’t even like music videos very much anymore. (Malcolm also directed Lil Mama’s debut smash, “Lip Gloss,” and her second single, “G-Slide.”)

Malcolm on set with T-Pain, Chris Brown, and Lil Mama.

Check out his handiwork. This video is all that…for real.

Go ‘head, Malcolm!!! Do your thing-thing, lil’ bro!!!

Director R. Malcolm Jones Online

16 thoughts on “My Little Brother’s All Growed Up.

  1. >Damn, I have cavities older than dem chilren but that video was HOT. Make me wanna go to the club or summin.Mad props to your Lil Brother; he got mad skills.


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