Oh, The Wonders Of Technology!!!

I read about this over the weekend over on Kanye West’s blog and it is truly amazing.

[click image to go the website]

The site is called Songerize. Here’s how it works: if there’s a song you want to hear, all you have to do is plug in the title and the artist, press ‘play’, and, in short order, the song will be located and begin. I entered in all kinds of songs and, sure enough, they came up every time. You can’t download them or anything like that, but if all you want to do is to hear certain songs, this site delivers.

Notice I even tried to trick it by plugging in old school music like Gloria, by seventies R&B soul group Enchantment, but this thing was unstumpable (is that a word?).

For a music head like me, that’s a real treat. Anyway, enjoy…and try not to get stuck out there all day trying to stump the damn thing!!!


9 thoughts on “Oh, The Wonders Of Technology!!!

  1. >okay i dont know the name of the song or the artist but the hook is "i dont wanna bump no mo, wit a big fat woman"that song would make me laugh. i wanna hear it again.


  2. >It pulled up all of my other favorite songs but it couldn't pull up Girl by The Time. Doesn't matter because I've been on a Michael Jackson old school kick lately so this is perfect.


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