Don’t Forget…

…to watch my girl, Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson, as she co-hosts the official Oscars pre-show this Sunday, February 24th, at 5:00PM PT/8:00PM ET on the red carpet…

…along with Regis Philbin and Dancing With The Stars’ Samantha Harris, then tune in for the 80th Annual Academy Awards at 5:30PM PT/8:30PM ET

…hosted by Jon Stewart. Happy Friday!!!

Previously: The Lo Zone: First Class Oscar Coverage.

One thought on “Don’t Forget…

  1. >I love your blog! My Sister is Lo too, not not Lolita–ah Lorraine.Your Lo fun facts are great!When I was younger and before children, I used to host and or go to amazing Oscar parties (sigh) I will be watching and it's been a long time since I could claim I saw all the nominated films (sigh)I am hoping you will have a highlights post.


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