Snow Day!!!

We have lots and lots of snow today, and it’s nice and powdery, so I got out in it in the backyard with the pups and had a quick romp.

As you can see, I was soon overtaken by Lucky (remember him?)

Then Toshi

…then Lucky again!!!

Then they took on the big guy.

Lucky likes to play and play and play…

Brooklyn and Lola decided to hang inside for a bit, but everybody eventually got in on the act.

Milo’s a Japanese breed (as are three of our other dogs), and he really looks it right now, doesn’t he?

Fun, fun, fun!!!

7 thoughts on “Snow Day!!!

  1. >I've always said snow was pretty on post cards and . . . other peoples pictures. We've not had any snow to speak of this year (so far) and I am more than thankful. But it looks like you are having a ball.


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